This is the trailler from the Short-film i had work along with Hindine Blourie as my FMP 2012 for the end of my Degree. The short film will be in competition and just after we will set online. I will make some BreakDowns from the short film and set online, in the following days. Thanks for watching.
Director - Hindine Blourie
Producer - Yasha Hindine
Pos Production - Yasha Hindine
Edition - Yasha Hindine
Lighting - Yasha Hindine
Camera - Yasha Hindine
Studio/Green Screen - Yasha Hindine
Keying - Yasha Hindine
Matte Paiting - Yasha Hindine
3D Modulating - Yasha Hindine/Dominic Evans
3D Camera - Yasha Hindine/Dominic Evans
3D Texture - Dominic Evans/Yasha Hindine
3D Lighting - Dominic Evans/Yasha Hindine
3D Render - Dominic Evans
Visual Effects - Yasha Hindine
Color Gradient - Yasha Hindine
Compositing - Yasha Hindine
Music - Damianno Polvosky/Yasha hidine
Voice - Dan Gaskell

Dan Gaskell - Arawn
Sophie Southgate - Abertha
Mary Smart - Aihae
Lora Hutchison - Lada
Calum Smith - Violinist
Rhiann Lambert - Dancer

Adam thomas
Joane King
Gwen Jezequel
Kate Turner
Ben Eliot
Gareth Welfoot

Thanks for watching.


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