A few years ago, I was compelled to write a dedication after enduring the pain of losing one of my many close friends but i couldn't gather the words without grieving and giving up. Although i have written many songs this one in particular took me years to gather the strength to complete.

Losing someone always leaves a permanent scar and although grief is inevitable i hope this song serves as a reminder that you no longer should suffer but celebrate the life they have lived. Remembering only the good moments that have inspired you. If you have ever lost someone through tragedy, Illness, violence, military combat or old age i wrote this song for you, for me, for us. Let go and rejoice because our fallen loved one(s) would not have wanted it any other way.
- Salmz

Directed & Edited - Milliframe
DP - Ramie Faris
Cinematographer - Theme
Colorist - Alessandro Penazzi
Audio & Lighting - Ammo Compere
Make up - Tina Costello
Wardrobe - Vanessa Cruz
Produced By Raw-C & Simon Vegas

Special thanks to -
Blanda Eggenschwiler
Mustache Pete
Flud Watches
Simon Vegas
Matt Shapiro
Sem - 1
Luis jimenez
Delilah Faye Arce
Mark Arroyo

Website - Salmz.com
Twitter - IamSalmz

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