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This modeling, texturing / lighting reel displays some of the works I have completed for Sheridan College's Computer Animation post-grad program 2011 / 2012, along with some personal works. All elements shown in the reel are done by me using programs such as Autodesk Maya 2012, Vray, Autodesk Mudbox 2012, Adobe Photoshop CS5, SAI, and Adobe After Effects CS5.

1) Introduction sequence from "Skyori", individual directed project [Beauty and Wireframe]
1a) Matte Painting of the location outside the window

2) Location #1 in "Skyori" - Orphanage (face count includes elements not shown in the shot breakdown i.e. doors, additional beds and props)
2a) Beauty pass
2b) Composite pass - After Effects
2c) Vray Dirt pass (Ambient Occlusion pass)
2d) Wireframe

3) Main character turntable from "Skyori" [Beauty and Wireframe]

4) UVs & textures laid out for the main character from "Skyori"

5) Snow White concept turntable
5a) Front, side, back views
5b) Detailed shots

6) Location #2 - Temple and shrine from "Skyori" [Beauty and Wireframe]

7) Bedroom - Lighting, modeling practice

8) Clip from "Lose your head..." - an individual 10 second Interstitial piece

9) Robot turntable from "Lose your head..." [Beauty and Wireframe]

10) Android - Character concept sculpt in Mudbox

11) Poison - Character concept sculpt in Mudbox
11a) Poison - Painted in Mudbox

12) Robot UVs - Laid out all of the UVs of the mech soldier provided to me by a client. UVs laid out in UVLayout

13) A display of some of my digital paintings (First two were completely done by me, while the 3rd one of the dragon girl was a collaboration piece where I did the coloring)

14) Fractals - A series of bookmarks I've created using the program UltraFractal and sold during fund raisers at Ryerson University

15) More samples of my digital paintings (fan arts) using different programs such as SAI, Facebook Graffiti, Tegaki, etc., as well as a 3D model of a hard surfaced object

Thanks for watching!


Music: "Beautiful Darkness" by conormccauley

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