I had the pleasure of meeting Elena through an online photographers forum. She was looking for someone to capture the memories of her first born. Little did I know we had a lot in common; we are both photographers, fitness enthused, and Vegan! Driving home from Nashville, Tn. I received a call that they thought she might be in labor. With this being her first baby I was thinking that chances were pretty good that it might be false labor, so I asked her husband to let me know when her water broke. I had just arrived home and my head had barely hit the pillow when I received a text message that her water broke. It was just a few hours after that he called me to let me know that she would be ready to push soon. I jumped out of bed and quickly made the short trip to their home only minutes before this little angel arrived.

This was filmed with a Canon 5d mkii,  85mm 1.2L,  50mm 1.2L and 24mm 1.4L. Then edited with Adobe Premiere Pro.

I would love to know what you think!

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