The new Megane is the ultimate benchmark for Renault Quality. Quality is something that you need to feel. It’s the reason someone is 3 times more likely to buy a car once they’ve tried it.

We couldn’t just tell people that this was a quality car, we had to prove it.

We thought about all the things someone does at a dealership — walk around it, touch it, open doors, get inside and play with all the buttons. …and we created a digital experience where they could do all these things… in high definition.

We created the first-ever-HD-dealership-experience.

Using realtime 3D technology we gave the user full control. The car was the navigation. They could experience even more than at the dealership… explore the smallest details – litterally going into the nuts and bolts of this renault quality.

An intuitive way to navigate —where the quality speaks for itself.

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