A Darkness On The Edge Of Town outtake recorded in Oct-Dec 1977 at The Record Plant, New York City, NY. Its working title was CRAZY ROCKER, but it's also known among collectors under the title IT'S ALRIGHT. The only circulating recording of this song is of a nearly finished take but the audio quality is not great. It's messy and full of indecipherable, bluffed lyrics and yelled out key changes. It can be found on Deep Down In The Vaults (E Street Records), The Genuine Tracks (Scorpio), and The Definitive Remastered Darkness Outtakes (The Godfather Records) bootlegs.


One, two, three, four

Well it doesn't matter, she don't ride
And I don't want her to come my way
It doesn't matter, she don't mind
Man it'll come back today
I said it's alright, and baby she don't lose
And when it's outta sight, I'm gonna find my way
And it was all right
I said, I'll loose her todayyy, now

Well yeah, I got a sweet thing
Wouldn't let me home
I want you baby through the night
Ah baby, there's nothing wrong
Well I can't sleep by my way
I just say, and I said it's all right if you're coming loose
Ah babe it's outta sight and I'll work my way
And it's all right and I think I'll lose her todayyy
Now wait a minute, just wait a minute

E, ah!

Ahhh one more time!

Ahhh welll!
Well I'm all gone and I'm coming down
And I've just seen her on my way
I never wait home and in another day
You're just a way down by my way
Sing! And I said it's all right, and I'm coming home
And then it's outta sight, baby won't you bring my way
And it's all right, the debt I'd lose today
Come on down, now!

Baby, won't you speak out my name

One day
A, yeah!

Down, down

Yeahhh, ah won't you a-call my name
Won't you burn it back my way
I wanna leave you, when you call my name
But you come on back when I say
Just admit it's all right when I'm way down loose
Well it's outta sight, I wanna burn that way
Well it's alright, well I think I'll loose her todayyy

Drums! Drum!
Drum! Guitar!

Hey man, is that all


Now hit me flat B, flat B!

Ma ma ma ma ma ma ma yeeeah
Well I got some draggin' won't ya be my babe
Won't you send me on my way
I said I might drag in my my my my my baby
But I won't be back away
Yeah now babe it's all right, cut that loose
And babe it's outta sight, a big highway
I said it's all right, cut her loose today
All right

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