ConeXiones 7.01
4th May 2007

Performer: Yuko Kaseki
Concept & Direction: Martin Capatinta
Installation: Martin Capatinta
Production: Ble Demones
Duration: 45 minutes

(People in white clothes are audience)


more info about the butoh dancer Yuko

if you want more info just write a mail to or let a comment

the performance was streamed in real time to a theater in Peru with the colaboration of Yuyachkani/Ana Correa/Jorge Baldeon, who made another performance at the same time that was streamed in Berlin too

in Germany: Carlos Leon X., Sergio Zevallos, Mozis Villagarcia, Andres Leon, Stephan, karin, European Culture Office
in Peru: Ricardo Ayala, Marcelo Peirano, jano Siles

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