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Video by Ryan Staake, Pomp&Clout: pompandclout.com

Featured track:
Guy Gerber - The Golden Sun And The Silver Moon

Full tracklisting:
01 Guy Gerber - Store-House Consciousness [Supplement Facts]
02 Guy Gerber - The Golden Sun And The Silver Moon [Supplement Facts]
03 Guy Gerber - Shady Triangle [Supplement Facts]
04 Guy Gerber - The Naked Hairdresser [Supplement Facts]
05 Guy Gerber - Ribbons Turn To Chains [Supplement Facts]
06 Guy Gerber - The Rhythm [Supplement Facts]
07 Guy Gerber - A Blade Through My Piano [Supplement Facts]
08 Guy Gerber - One Day In May [Visionquest]
09 Guy Gerber feat. Clarian North - Howling Moon [Supplement Facts]
10 Guy Gerber feat. Clarian North - Running Through The Night [Supplement Facts]
11 Guy Gerber feat. Lady Falkor - Lady Falkor [Supplement Facts]
12 Guy Gerber - The Money Shot [Supplement Facts]
13 Guy Gerber - Moon Blur [Supplement Facts]
14 Guy Gerber - My Medicine [Supplement Facts]
15 Guy Gerber - Human Raft [Supplement Facts]
16 Guy Gerber with Deniz Kurtel - Just Wanna See You Happy [Supplement Facts]

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