SPO 011 Ruído Subversivo EP

Our label releases each month the most underground soundscapes in more than 120 different digital stores around the globe ,from deep tech,dub techno,deep prog and everything that moves in the deeper side of the sound.
Music is our only destination,Our mission,stay in orbeat
round planet sound.!
For contact with us use our dropbox and
the follow

Guillermo arroyo Sancibrián Producer DisCknockED. His first contact with the electronics was in 1999, but it is in 2004 when it begins to produce his own creations. His tastes go from the techno of Detroit up to the most abstract electronics. His musical influences remember his tastes for Robert Hood, Daniel Bell, Drexciya, Mike Banks, Basic Channel … Nowadays his productions have one more invoice experimental techno with low deep and hypnotic atmospheres, which reflect his passion for the dub techno though also it has realized productions of electro, ambient and of character more minimal. In 2008 Espiral Sonora joins the group.
In 2010 he presents his project in the sample VI Espiral Sonora of electronic music, in September of the same year it is selected in the I I compete for young music of Burgos in that he remains a finalist in the paragraph of new trends.

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