Roadsworth is a street artist hailing from Montreal. After participating in the graffiti scene and experiencing the unfortunate consequence of arrest, Roadsworth shifted his focus on combining his street art with public art. It is here where he draws attention to our over-indulgent capitalist environment in support of sustainable culture. His political art works explore Montreal's metropolis environment and the conflicts surrounding car culture - emphasizing the importance of bike paths and attempting to draw attention to our capitalist system built around speed, consumption, convenience, and the like.

Check out some of his public and street artworks at:

This is an interview taken after his participation "In the Public Eye: A Symposium on Public Art" at the Museum London.

Peter Gibson

Ryan Craven
Savannah Sewell

Monster of the Mirimichi - Jon McKiel

Filmed By:
Morgan Detmer
Christina Keufner

Edited By:
Morgan Detmer

Intro By:
Kyle Mowat

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