InstaBook a conceptual device that tries to imagine, what the next big thing is that instagram/facebook, could release. Maybe it says goodbye with hours of masking, cloning, ... And instead let's focus on your creative vision.

Software used: Adobe photoshop, Adobe After effect and Adobe Audition.
are you tired of those ugly photoalbums?

Do you just want to sit down on a park bench, pull out your photobook and take the most artistic pictures ever? Introducing a revolutionary device called InstaBook, it's a groundbreaking piece of hardware with features as content-aware layerdetection and hunderds of smart filters which makes photomanupulation as easy as a push of a button.

For example: take a picture like you're in a dream with the Margritte filter or get pulled in your darkest nightmare with the Dali filter

By capturing all the imagedata RAW we make it posible edit ours, or create your own smart filters, with no creative limits. All this on a needle sharp retina display.

Now of course you want to show the world your masterpieces. Well we thought of that too. All InstaBooks are connected to the blazing fast 4G network so you all upload your pictures to all major social network. Including our own world know instapaper, praised by artcritiques and audience worldwide.

So order your 32/64/128 kilopage Intabook now.

As Colorful As Ever by Broke For Free, Album layer

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and of course if like it do hesitate to share it with friends, or maybe spread the idea because think we all want one day this thing to become real.

Special Thanks To
Frederic Beart and Filip Joos for delivering the beautiful footage and guidance in this assignment.
They are both teacher Motion at Howest, Department Devine, Digital Design and Media.

Wanna no more about What Devine is well there's no better place than

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