This is the "Fusion" piece that I entered into the Australian Professional Photography Awards.

It's a simple one and it tells an everyday story. That’s what I think makes it so beautiful. It’s real and honest. Exactly how I approach weddings.

A few people have asked whether I had help producing the piece. That’s a good question. No, I didn’t. I shot both the photos and the video by myself, and I did the editing as well. I’m most proud that this piece is 100% documentary, in that no direction was given at all during the shoot. Whatever happened, I followed and had to capture it without telling anyone what to do or when to do it.

The song is by my very good friend, Stu Larsen. Stu travels the world making his music and the world is a better place for his music being in it. Stu’s worldly possessions amount to not much more than a guitar and the clothes on his back. His life and his music are a huge source of inspiration for me. You can support a brilliant Aussie artist by purchasing Stu’s music from iTunes or his website.

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