In terms of collaborative projects, Black Label has been switching our focus over from "Inspirational" shoots to "Concept" film projects. Concept films are used to creatively express ideas and values. More than a collection of pretty things and faces, they are used to tell stories and convey beauty.

This concept film took a huge turn, which definitely intrigued me, when the Groom character was replaced with a 2nd female. The shoot originally had called for a male Groom and and I am thrilled that it ended up not. The female actor in black was meant to be sort of this androgynous character, masculine and feminine at once. I love how they styled her to contrast with the super feminine "traditional" bride and yet have a sensuality and presence all her own. It ended up working very well in the piece.

I made a decision not to film hardly any details on the day of the shoot. That is what Erich's stunning photography will do, and trust me it will be worth the wait to see it! Instead, I focused on the concept and the story. To me, this story is about many things. The film is abstract and ethereal and eccentric. It asks the question, what are women? Are they dolls? Are they idols? Should they be coveted, or should they covet? To whom and by whom? Do they behave differently when removed from society and expectations? What does love mean to them? What fills their time? Who and what do they love?

Some of the concepts I tried to convey in the film centered around contrast/juxtaposition/duplicity:
Sultry yet innocent
Delicate yet strong
Colorful yet serene
Dreamy yet real
Romantic yet casual

The piece is a little off balance intentionally. There are instances of stretched time fabric (through use of fisheye lens which I normally do not use) as well as individual color/B&W treatments that do not match the rest of the piece, I did this intentionally for a more eclectic and artful feel true to Monet's impressionistic method of painting, and due to the content of this concept film also (the fact that the 2nd female is an unexpected element and throws the viewer off balance from the "norm").

The poem is one I adapted from French Poet Alphonse de Lamartine, who lived during Monet's era. Who knows, perhaps they even knew one another. :) It is entitled "Autumn" and you can read the full thing here:

I am super thrilled with how this film turned out and hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

See film credits for a full list of participating professionals, acting/modeling/voice talent, and soundtrack information.

PS - Lindsay's macaroons are to die for.

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