Agile Financial Model presenting the financial benefits from an agile approach to software development.
The talk explores strategic and practical financial implications, management and control of agile projects. We include a brief introduction to the core principles of agile (the continuous refinement, product backlog, release plan) and the execution (the sprint planning and review). Once that’s out of the way, we explore the financial perspectives, both internal and external, from how to manage suppliers and implement agile based contracts, to setting project budgets and estimating ‘cost to completion’. In these times of austerity, we also show how agile can secure a ‘more for less’ return on proposed expenditure.
This talk is aimed at board level decision makers, providing them with an overview of the agile approach from a business perspective and its financial implications, whilst also suited to business analysts, team leaders and project managers in highlighting initial and ongoing financial aspects of development projects that are crucial to executing a ‘successful’ result for the business.
They will learn why traditional approaches to projects are haunted by the reality of weak underpinning economic frameworks and poor financial thinking, leading to inappropriate and ultimately over spent budgets, how to manage agile projects with financial dexterity providing transparency and visibility of spend versus value, and ultimately why the underpinning philosophies, culture and structure of the agile approach significantly reduces financial and technical risk. The talk combines research, practical experience and Cake’s own insights of ‘pay as you go’ into an agile financial model providing a rigorous and new perspective of why agile is the way forward.

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