In the southswedish county of Scania there is a place, in fact a tiny country, that is not listed on any official map - Ladonia. In the centre of the strange micronation on the steep northern slopes of Kullen Peninsula sits the enormous driftwood complex 'Nimis'.
Already in 1980 the artist Lars Vilks, began building his work of art. Two years later his activities were discovered by the authorities and resulted in a bitter dispute over the legality of the construction – after all it is built in a nature reserve.
Nimis is unique and a proof of the fact that it is worth not to give up. Demolitions, arson, and court battles have not stopped Lars to build further and he keeps on fighting for the preservation of Nimis. In 1996, he declared the independence of the micro nation Ladonia and just recently we had the chance to visit this amazing and special country.
To learn more about our trip to this wonderous place visit our blog
Music: Tokyo Lights – Epic Sound Factory

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