The prestigious Hong kong based magazine IdN called us to make the 19v5 DVD opening.
They told us, “you can do whatever you want”… So, we did.
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This rampage of faces quickly transforming, trying to survive from each other is the essence of this piece.
We designed each faces from paper to computer; used 3D, 2D animation and also some details in traditional animation.
Hope you enjoy watching as we did doing it.
Credits: 2veinte
Direction, Concept & Idea: Pablo Gostanian
Design & 3D Compositions: Pablo Gostanian, Xeppepo, Sebastian Garcia, Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga.
3D Animation: Xeppepo, Sebastian Garcia, Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga, Alex Gostanian.
2D Animation: Pablo Gostanian, Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga.
3D Render & Lighting: Martín Faragasso.
Composition: Pablo Gostanian, Martín Faragasso.
Edition, & Postproduction: Pablo Gostanian.
Music & SFX:

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