Dateline 1999: The Q SDF 1, Shifter kart, from 'Q' Things From The Future. Unearthed for the Q Archives.

Q SDF 1 debuts in track test at Lake Perris, CA. Archived video of this shifter kart from the future, in 1999, this 125cc water cooled state of the art sports kart was aerodynamically ahead of its time. This elemental speed form was the creation of " Q THINGS FROM THE FUTURE " founder and Chief Designer, Hien Pham, and his able partners in things speedy, Rogelio "Raja Roger" Flores ( now Chief Designer for Hyundai ) and technically and videologically directed by Chris Lacson ( designer of the Filipino firsts, the Gitano E GT and Etro Agila E Motorcycle) All 3 met at Art Center College of Design as classmates. And then there was The Overseer of Speed, Lee Mueller, who's mental machinations and legendary exploits on the race tracks landed him 3 Daytona 24 Hour Championships. Lee's constant inspirations for things speedy and crafty and the combined passions of the 3 classmates are all found in this sports kart "from the Future".
The Q SDF 1 ( So Dam Fast ) has clicked off 60mph in 4.2 secs when it is geared for a top speed of 120 mph. Water cooled, the aero "snorkel" ducted cooling air into the radiator nestled behind the seat. This was an aerodynamic "advantage", along with a few other juicy bits, it was literally "so dam fast". Technical note: Lee: " a cigarette pack takes 1 hp to drive it 100mph, so we need all the mechanical advantage to make it faster with less!" Lee, among other things, studied metallurgy, but Lee really was an alchemist and race guru at heart.
This video was directed and built by Chris Lacson who underwent the "Geez!" forces of the 4 lb video camera duct taped to his helmet to film the in-kart footage, there were no GO PRO's back then!
For more information about the SDF, or things from the future, please contact either Hien Pham or Christopher Lacson, Rogelio Flores, last we know, is somewhere in Korea still designing for Hyundai and unavailable for any comments at the moment. If anyone knows the whereabouts of this 3rd in 3 of nutballs, please let us know?

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