This video is strictly for fun. It was inspired by some half hearted dancing I witnessed during BP in ATL by David Freese, alongside Jason Motte & Mitchell Boggs, to the song, "Call Me Maybe". I left some of the sound in those specific clips to prove that they really were dancing to the song, which was playing at that time in the stadium. I put the song in the background because on my camera it was hard to hear (plus it sounds good with all the other clips, if u like the song that is.) I used that footage, along with random shots I've taken this 2012 season so far. Some are funny and some are not. Most shots are at away games, as I get better seats to away games (which equals better footage.) My main goal was to give some Cards fans a laugh and a glimpse into what it's like being a little closer at the games! If you know what it's like, then you know it's awesome!

My husband catches BP balls, and I take pics and vid, cause that's what I like to do! This video is unlisted since it's all my home video footage and I felt weird making it TOTALLY public, but feel free to share the link with your friends if you want. I do apologize in advance for the shakiness and blurriness of many of the shots. It's because half the time I don't know what I'm doing.

Video stars David Freese & also Adam Wainwright multiple times, because they are usually the first ones to dance or do something weird (that I've caught.) Plus they are a couple of my top 25 favorite active Cardinals. Ok they ARE my favorites..besides Yadi.

All footage was taken by me at: spring training '12, PNC Park, Turner Field (most of dance footage is from here), Miller Park, and of course, Busch Stadium.

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