COLUMBIA - To keep newly-opened pools clean and newly-sprouted plants green, homeowners will have to bust out chemicals that have been hiding in the shed all year. Extra chemicals and toxins around the home mean keeping a special eye on one group of people: children.

The Missouri Poison Center gets around 50 more phone calls a day during the summer season compared to the rest of the year.

Julie Weber, director at the center, said there are precautions parents can take to avoid summer poison accidents.

"We really like to strongly, strongly suggest to get products up and locked away," Weber said. "You want them out of the sight of children."

One local mother had a scare when her daughter got a hold of some medicine left out on the counter.

"I looked over and she had some red-like paint stuff on her mouth and her fingers. I was like, 'What do you have?' and then started taking out Advil from her mouth," Jessica Geta-Buessler said.

Weber said one common mistakes parents make when taking summer trips is throwing medicines into a bag and then placing the bag in the back seat of the vehicle near children. She said it is important to keep bags with medicine up front or away from children.

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