"Do you really grow vines, come on what for? You should grow potatoes instead! Vines can’t survive in Poland!"

Wine is fashion! Wine is a new trend to follow! Everything around wine from growing to consuming is now dominating cultures and industries. Places that we never thought would be entering this business are emerging; Poland is one of them. But is it really a fashion? What is this tradition they talk about? And why so much energy in this revival? WINOBRANIE is not only a journey into polish wines, but a snapshot of contemporary Poland and its attempt to forget about the 20th century.

WINOBRANIE is a movie directed and edited by JP Fuenzalida Lorca

Sound : Ewa Motyka
Sound mixer : Adrien Kessler

Starring :
Elzbieta Polak,
Ewa Morisson,
Krystian Szmuda,
Robert Czechowski,
J Lewandowscy,
K. Fedorowicz,
R. Andrejczak
and many more !

Produced with the support of the Palm Tree Productions association

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