The Field Guide to Somnolence is a cross-disciplinary project to address the issue of insomnia through extensive application of the graphic design discipline. The EEG biofeedback protocol is an experimental approach to solving the problem of insomnia by improving the treatment method known as EEG biofeedback.

The Neurosky Mindset tracks the relaxation level of the user and transmit via bluetooth the data to the protocol. The protocol is an application that is written in Processing, it generates a flock that reacts accordingly to the relaxation level, the higher the relaxation value, the more cohesive the flock becomes. When relaxation level drops, the flock separates and splits up.

The whole idea of EEG biofeedback is to reduce the hyperarousal that is often the cause of insomnia. The process enables the patient to learn how to align their brain activity within the designated parameters for Stage N1 of the sleep architecture. Stage N1 facilitates the simulation of theta brain waves, which is generated during the transitory stage between sleep and wake. The procedure is not a temporal solution to insomnia, instead it is similar to training sessions. There has been a preconceived notion that EEG biofeedback is a ‘sleeping machine’. This is an inaccurate description of what the procedure is. The treatment aims to exercise the waking and sleeping mechanisms in the body.

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