A collaboration between me and my dear friend fengda2870, who deserves the largest share of credit for all the work done animating my flame, and their team. You can read about their creative process here fxysw.com/thread-1611-1-1.html .
Sadly I can't speak Chinese so I hope my translation of their title is fine. Original title is 风荧婆娑 "feng ying po suo".

The base flame is my fractal artwork "Not Here" lindelokse.deviantart.com/art/Not-Here-270730178 behance.net/gallery/3D-Apophysis-Flames/3493803 which parameters I provided to Fengda.

Base Apophysis fractal flame parameters by Chiara Biancheri "Lindelokse" lindelokse.deviantart.com/ behance.net/lindelokse
Animation made by fengda2870 fengda2870.deviantart.com/ fxysw.com
video clips by yunduan

edit: I forgot to mention, soundtrack is Learn To Love Loneliness by Kilowatts!

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