In The Apprenticeship Project eighteen Williams College students were paired with eighteen residents (ages eighteen to seventy-eight) of the rural towns surrounding the college, in an extended process of mutual exchange. Students shared movement and awareness practices they were learning in a course with choreographer Hana van der Kolk with their community partners, and the partners shared elements of their expertise, including hair-dressing, massage, harmonica-playing, acrobatics, and bee keeping. The semester-long exchange culminated in a durational, public event in which farming, dancing, carpentry, hairdressing, and music collided in an interactive sculpture at the margins of country fair and dance performance.

With Day Acheson, Laura Berk, Cedar Blazek, Deborah Brown, Karen Brown, Guedis Cardenas, Monel Chang, John E. Ladd, Susannah Emerson, Linda Finney, Melany Funes, Tracy Hu, Audrey Kwon, David Lachman, Marli La Grone, Mark Maniak, Nicole Methot, Anna Moriarty-Lev, Karl Mullen, Felicia Pharr, Amanda Reid, Randy Reyes, Sean Riley, Hannah Rojo, Pedro Roque, Evalynn Rosado, Malik Nashad Sharpe, Edward Snyder, Karen Trubitt, Emily Wendell, Emmanuel Whyte, Thor Wickstrom, Dane Wilson, and Shira Wohlberg.

Conceived and directed by Hana van der Kolk
Assistant director: Asher Woodworth
Lighting design: Chris Kuhl
Tech assistant: Schuyler Jones
Videography: Megan May Daalder, Asher Woodworth, and Blaine O'Neill
Video editing by Megan May Daalder

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