“БРАТ” - "BRAT" / “Brother”
From the upcoming second album “ОRENDA” by БALKANSKY
Video production by ADDMINIMAL Creative Studio
Visual concept, screenplay & direction : Adriana Gerasimova
Screenplay based on the mythology of "MARTENITSA"
Music produced & performed by БALKANSKY
Theodosii Spassov / Kaval, trumpet and voice /
Ivan Shopov / Programming and mixing /
Ivo Christov / Arrangements and concept /

DOP & Steadycam : Dobrin Kashavelov
Consulstant : Martin Dimitrov
Edit : Daniel Ivanov
Costume design & Make up : Adriana Gerasimova
Postproduction : Adriana Gerasimova / Anna Slavkova
Camera : Teodor Georgiev
Camera Assistant : Krasena Angelova
Key Grip : Anton Naydenov
Choreographer : Milen Petrov
Dancers : Vasil Dipchikov / Stefan Vuchov /
Kostadin Ekzarov / Ivaylo Vasilev
Martenitsa : Mariana Gerasimova

Special thanks to :
Angel Balakchiyski
Petya Vasileva
Yordan Peichev
Techno EM

More info @ :

Many legends and myths abound the pagan ritual of MARTENITSA and relate the symbolic
white and red colours. ONE OF THEM SAIS:

Khan Koubrat who first united the proto-Bulgarian tribes was nearing the end of his life. He knew this and asked his sons to vow to keep the various Bulgar tribes together to defend the land. However, soon after Khan Koubrat's death, their land was invaded by the Khazars. They took over the capital and kidnapped Khan Koubrat's daughter, Houba. Of the five sons, one, Bayan, joined with the Khazars in an attempt to stay with his sister. Another, Kotrag, moved northwards and the other three, Asparoukh, Kouber and Altsek, looked south for land away from their enemies. These three had arranged that if they found land then they would send a bird with thread tied to its leg to Bayan and Houba. Eventually, the imprisoned pair received the bird and tried to set off secretly, but the Khazars soon found out and followed them. Bayan and Houba didn't know the soldiers were so close and were about to return the bird with the white thread attached when Bayan was wounded with an arrow, fired by the Khazars. Dripping blood onto the white thread, Bayan still managed to release the bird and they painfully continued their journey to find their brothers. When they finally met their siblings, Bayan was nearly dead. Asparoukh welcomed his wounded brother, tore pieces of bloodstained white cloth into small strips and gave them to his soldiers to honour brave Bayan.

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