i've always done my best yo-yoing outside. 'best' can have a lot of connotations, and i should be clear. i've always 'understood myself as a person playing with a yo-yo' most clearly out-of-doors.

this video is called 'photosynthesis' because i was surrounded by my deciduously autotrophic friends during its filming, but it's worth noting that photosynthesis is the process by which green plants 'feed themselves'. as a yo-yoer, especially in this year, i'm mostly alone. i haven't gone to a single contest, i don't dissect freestyles, and i play an old-fashioned wooden yo-yo. regardless of circumstances though, you gotta eat. creatively, you're either a producer or a consumer (or a decomposer, i guess... whatever that would be). you gotta GET AT the stuff that sustains you, and cool or lame, easy of tough, this is the kind of yo-yo playing that sustains me.

i hope you enjoy it, and that maybe somewhere in there is something that resonates. regardless though, i'll keep producing. ;)

song is 'touched' by VAST
yo-yo is my signature fixed-axle, the 'eh' by SPYY

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