Wire less is a visualization and exploration of electromagnetic space and its effects on identity and the body.

Humans naturally give off electromagnetic radiation, but as we store more digital information on us through technologies such as cell phones or laptops, that radiation grows exponentially and in complexity.

These wireless emitting devices are not only communication tools, but also sensors of the invisible electromagnetic environment that surrounds us, making us aware of what is called Hertzian space.

Hertzian space is the cloud of electromagnetic radiation that always surrounds us. This space not only envelops our body; our body is a mediator of it. Our neurological synapses intertwine with the data we transmit.

With increased usage of wireless technologies to interface between humans, we sift our bodies through this electromagnetic space, exposing, disassembling and dispersing our identities to the open air. We text message through unencrypted networks, browse Facebook under corporate surveillance and curate pictures for peers to interpret us. As we leave these fragmented traces, others then compile and reinterpret them as our imaginary present.

Utilizing 3D body tracking and ambient radio frequency sensors, Wire less deals with the state of our bodies in a saturated world of overlapping and scrambled signals that we sense but cannot see. Wire less seeks to make these invisible signals visible.This lends itself to a new cartography where the merging of our projected, virtual selves now coincides with our physical, current selves. We no longer look at the screen and see a digital echo, a modern mirror image of us; rather we have become a version of Narcissus that has fallen into a sea of self-created reflections. Our bodies remain, but are engulfed in distorted radiation.

Wire less is a commission of Northern Lights’ Art(ists) On the Verge program (northern.lights.mn/programs/aov) with the generous support of the Jerome Foundation (jeromefdn.org/). Special thanks to Christopher Baker (christopherbaker.net/), my mentor for this program.

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