I'm making a ONE MAN feature film.
No budget. No experience.
Video blogging as I go.
Enjoy :D

Episode Six : Siegy Gets Five Magic Beans.

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Filmed on iPhone 4
Edited in Adobe Premiere

Philip Bloom at philipbloom.net - what to buy
Dave Dugdale at learningdslrvideo.com - how to use it
The team at raindance.co.uk - writing and filming tips.
Freesound.org - cool music and sfx

Episode 6 - Siegy gets five magic beans

Wide front on shot -
A man in a mac walks up to a park bench and sits down, placing a briefcase on the floor next to him and reads the paper, there are eye holes cut in the paper. Wayne walks up and sits next to the man.

Close up -
The man puts his paper on the bench next to him. Wayne places an envelope on top of the paper, the word contract written on the front in red.

Wide front on shot -
The man folds his paper around the envelope, picks it up and leaves. Wayne picks up the briefcase and leaves.

Wide side on shot -
Siegy is sat at a desk, writing.

Close up -
It is a budget list :
Movie Budget
crew - £100k
equipment hire - £200k
actors - £300k
Directors Salary - £400k
TOTAL - £1 million

These first two scenes intercut with each other.

Wide side on shot -
Wayne sits down at the desk opposite Siegy and places the closed briefcase on the desk. Siegy moves the list to one side. Wayne slides the case forward.

Siegy opens the case.

Opposite POV -
Siegy shuts the case and looks troubled.

Wide side on shot -

How much is there?

Not much. We’re going to have to make some cuts.

What sort of cuts?

Close up -
Siegy crosses every item off the list, hesitating on the line Directors Salary.

Shot reverse combo -

Put it this way; if we set the film in just one room, use only one actor, and that actor is also the camera man and director, then I think our budget will cover it.

Close up -
Inside the briefcase is five one pound coins and a gun.

Wide side shot -
Wayne sits back in his chair looking disappointed.

Close up -
Siegy crosses out the last line on the list.

Wide side shot -

Okay. I’m prepared to do whatever it takes to get this film made.

Siegy puts both hands inside the case and cocks the gun.

So am I.

Siegy whips out the gun and shoots Wayne in the head. Wayne flies back in his chair, blood spraying from the back of his head. Time slows down.

Front on shot -
Siegy sits at the desk holding the gun.

Hi. I’m W Siegfried Jerrett.
And I’m making a one man feature film.

Cut to black.

Close up -
Siegy is walking through the graveyard.

Coming up next week.

Close up of a spider.

The spider of the mind.

Cut in follow me titles.

Cut in special thanks titles -
dave dugdale, philipbloom, raindance

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