Music by Jim Guthrie / / (c) Jim Guthrie 2012
Video by Mare Sheppard / / (c) Self Aware Productions 2012

Note from Mare: This was a pretty personal/emotional project for me -- the video is about happiness juxtaposed with sadness, and meant to capture taking a thoughtful/contemplative moment while on a (metaphoric and literal) journey. It's compiled from footage I shot during Metanet's last trip to Tokyo, over the last few days of our trip (some is even from the bus to the airport). We love to visit Japan -- every day there we see something beautiful or surprising or delightful. It is refreshing. On the last trip, we met some cool people, walked to many different parts of Tokyo, and spent a lot of time surrounded by amazing architecture and immersed in that huge, gorgeous city -- it was recharging; it really had an impact to be in such an inspiring environment. I got sick a week or so before we left Tokyo (hence the mask I'm wearing in the video); a virus of some sort the doctor couldn't identify. I didn't feel too bad physically, but when I coughed my throat would close up, making it difficult to breathe for a terrifying minute. It made the last few days even more melancholic -- I wanted desperately to stay in Tokyo, where we were so happy, but I also wanted to get home to Toronto and get well.

This video is meant to evoke that bittersweetness -- I think Jim's "Last We Spoke" sets that bittersweet tone perfectly, layering emotional complexity as the video meanders through my dreamy memories.

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