Video projection on cotton thread and mirrors in raw space of future condominiums

Statement for video installations at 17 Chapel:

Gland H.1.a and Gland H.1.b

For those who are inclined to look, it would seem that human beings are constantly in a state of becoming. Evidence of this is derived from considering one's position with regards to who or what we think we are in the present and what we might “look like” future.

17 Chapel is also in a state of becoming. Through a process of self-reflection it considers itself schematically. In dark and quiet moments it observes the hopes and aspirations of others, through animated 3D architectural drawings, projected upon itself. Like our own fleeting sense of self, these drawing are familiar, yet distant, elusive and difficult to pin down.

17 Chapel also projects its own future. It has been proffered that dreams are a form of passive cognitive training. It is the brain, not predicting the future, but rather working its way through potential scenarios not yet realized.

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