A sleazy film producer (Joe Cecala) who is holding auditions on his "casting couch" gets a surprise visit from a French actress (Flo Ankah) he had failed to cast years earlier.

Billy Baxter Presents
A Film by Matt Glasson
Produced by David P. Ohliger
Director of Photography... Adam Weiss
Co-Producers... Doan Hoang & Jack Baxter
Music by David P. Ohliger
Written, Directed and Edited by Matt Glasson

Joe Cecala as Jerry Giddes, Flo Ankah as Lana, and with Melanie Sirois, Latifah Johnson, Jess Dilbeck, Alexander Kushi-Willis, Emily Newhouse, John Duddy, Quinlan Corbett and Ryan Weisberger.

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