This video shows a screen capture of a demo which runs at 60 fps. It combines novel methods to shade leafs and to animate highly detailed trees. Each of the tens of thousands of leaves and thousands of branches is individually animated while all leaves react correctly to the light, both in reflectance and translucence.

The lighting is completely dynamic and the scene is rendered using HDR and a linear rendering pipeline together with a Reinhard tone mapper. The sky is created using the Preetham skylight model which also drives the color of the multi-bounce ambient occlusion maps. A high resolution Poisson-filtered shadow map creates accurate shadows including correct self-shadowing.

The methods applied have been published in:
Physically Based Real-Time Translucency for Leaves (Eurographics Symposium on Rendering 2007)
Physically Guided Animation of Trees (Eurographics 2009)

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