We want our F60 JOAN to become as famous as a certain movie character from the world of 1960ies advertising in New York. That's why we've made her a movie. In Zurich, Davos, Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Vienna, Rome, Tokyo, New York, Paris and Amsterdam, F-riends of FREITAG strapped F60 JOAN to their handlebars and drove her across town, into the good 'hoods, street ravines and across concrete landscapes. The result is a clip with global urban flair and a glamorous F60 JOAN as main character. Sorry, but this piece of art will never be «as seen on TV».

A big F-anks to all the urban daredevils cycling around the globe, to The Bad Plus for sharing with us their pulse that never stops, and to the guys at &Söhne for spending countless hours reviewing and cutting.

Movie: &Söhne, undsoehne.ch
Song: Never Stop, performed by The Bad Plus, thebadplus.com, composed by Reid Anderson
Models: Alexandra, Alexandra, Alice, Andrea, Anja, Caroline, Charlotte, Charmila, Chloé, Christin & Mareike, Clarissa, Constance, Daniela, Daniela, Dorina, Emeri, Eva, Eva, Fabio, Fem, Florencia, Genevieve, Giovanna, Gudrun, Haneno, Hanna, Hannah, Hans-Peter, Harumi, Heather, Heike, Hiroko, Hiroshi, Irene, Jeannine, Jennifer, Julia, Karolina, Anna, Katharina, Katharina, Katja, Kellene, Klaudia, Laura, Laure Anne, Lisa, Livia, Maartje, Maj, Maki, Maria, Maria Azzurra, Marie-Christin, Marie-Gabrielle, Marietta, Maringe, Markus, Marte, Martin, Maya, Melanie, Mikiko, Miyuking, Mohammed, Nadia, Nadine, Naho, Nathalie, Nori, Peppe, Phane, Raul, Rebecca, Renate, Samira, Sara, Sarah, Sharon, Sheryl, Sibyl, Stefanie, Steffi, Susan, Susann, Tania, Thenuka, Timo, Ursina, Vincenzo, Wälde, Welmoed, Yané, Yuki, Yukiko, Yuriko.

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