September Bookstore is my graduation project.
It is a story about time.
There was a young man who started a bookstore somewhere in the city.
Time pass by, almost every thing has changed, but the bookstore is only thing that has not change.

musics are from sound cloud
SmallHappiness__Chino Yoshio
Autumn Stories - Week #1__FabrizioPaterlini

translations of those two poems

Autumn Moon
by Cheng Hao
Clear river flows through the green hill,
Sky and water melt into autumn clean.
The mortal world is so far from here,
White clouds and red leaves drift in the air.

Strolling the south tower in a summer night
by Jia Doa
Moon light shone upon the tower by the stream
From the summer woods admiring the Yuenyang stream
I saw a firefly bringing the message of the fall
Yet not knowing where the pure land is

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