A spot part of a campaign for phone company Touch encouraging users to upload videos of their ideas of a new and better world to the site inmynewworld.com.

This piece is part of ongoing exhibit Moving Types – Letters in Motion - A retrospective of typography in film from the early days of the cinema to the present - Galerie im Prediger, Schwabisch Gmund.

Communication Arts 2013 Typography Winner.

Dubai Lynx International Festival of Creativity 2013:
Gold Award in Film - Art Direction
Bronze Award in Film - Animation

Production companies: AD studio and Molho
Direction: Doug Bello and Marcelo Garcia
Art direction and typography: Marcelo Garcia
Stop-motion: Doug Bello
Illustration and design: Liza Domingues
3D Modeling and animation: Doug Bello, Fernando Barros, and Luciano Nader
Compositing: Marcelo Garcia
Live photography: Rodrigo Violante e Sergio Moderno
Rotoscoping: Bruno Garcia
Executive Producer: Aguinaldo Rocca
Line Production: Denise Rosa
Production assistant: Cintia Pereira
Producer: Lorraine Gallard
Music: TDL music
Music producer: Leticia Hernandez

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