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The large majority of today´s dairy farms haven´t got anything to do with lush meadows and chilling cows. Calves are taken away from their mothers directly after birth and scream out horrified for days. Cows are massively over-bred so they give more than three times more milk as they would normally, with disastrous results for the health of their bodies. If their milk yield goes down, they get impregnated again, after four or five years they are inefficient and get slaughtered, normally a cow lives for 25 years. Three out of four of their calves get slaughtered in their first years, because they are just a byproduct for the milk production. One of them will have to come after its mother.
For those who think that without milk and meat you suffer insufficient nutrition for building muscles and so on, there are funny guys around who prove otherwise:
Hier ein interessanter Bericht auf Deutsch über die körperliche Ausbeutung an unseren Hochleistungskühen:

Thanks for some good sounds, which I used to create this:
For great scrapes, collides, crashes and so on:
For the wildlife sound:

Sounddesign by Matthias Stoll and myself.

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