It has been a while since Hip-Hop fans have been given a show that really touches the essence of the genre and culture. Emerging from the graffiti filled walls, music, and voices of show personalities; The Turntable Izm Show has brought back the components that have been missing from the Hip-Hop show world. Every Wednesday night at 9pm EST, the Ustream waves are met by the sounds of the Izm Show. With guests that range from some of the most prominent names in the game to the ones that are bubbling in the underground scene, the show brings them to the people live and in full effect! However, this popular web show did not develop over night. The show gradually morphed itself into a success after long time friends linked up working to accomplish one common goal.

Raul Romero, DJ Brown13, DJ DeeShot, Sueworks and Johnny 3Rounds have become an amazing and unbreakable blend of talent. Their six degrees of separation linked them together to bring the Turntable Izm Show to the people. The show started out as a podcast creating a platform for independent artists from the area to allow potential fans to listen to their music. Over time it has grown into something even grander and is being watched by fans not only from Union City, New Jersey; but everywhere around the world! Life long friends DeeShot and Brown13 had already launched their own show in the past, which gave them ample experience that they could infiltrate into the Izm show flow. While Brown13 and DeeShot were collaborating with their show, Johnny 3 Rounds had his own studio that he was working out of with Raul Romero (1/2 of WrekRoom Muizik). After meeting Brown13 and discussing business they decided to combine studios. Essentially, creating the birthplace of the show in Union City, New Jersey. Professional graffiti artist Sueworks hit the building decorating it with his eye-catching artwork that gives the Izm Show a classical Hip-Hop aura. “When I look at a turntable I see myself, I am a turntable”, said DJ Brown13. This idea mixed with a blend of some potent “green” created the name of the show.

From Hasan Salaam, Nems, Final Outlaw and Pace Won to Cuban Link, Kool G Rap, DJ Doo Wop, Fred The Godson, Black Rob and PF Cuttin, the show has interviewed them all and there are more to come. Getting impressive views every show, the numbers seem to be climbing after each broadcast. DJ Brown13 expresses how the interviews on the show are very casual, which is a change from the regular forum of an interview show. Viewers can expect to see a normal conversation on the Izm Show featuring their favorite artists with nothing being scripted. “We just chilling, basically”, said Brown13. Yet, the fun does not just stop at their laid-back interview style. The show also has brief intermissions featuring music videos and graphics of upcoming events. While the close-knit gang is not keeping fans entertained with their show, they are making moves organizing events; the last two featured Rah Digga and Sean Price.

Fueled by keeping everything Hip-Hop, originality and not wanting to let the fans down, the Izm Show seems to be making the right steps. That must explain why they have captured the attention of fans in the UK, Egypt, Australia and Norway to name a few. Not too many Hip-Hop shows can say they have done this and it is an accomplishment that the creators are proud of to say the very least. The Turntable Izm Show will continue to rock out every Wednesday night at 9pm EST only on turntableizmshow.com

Words by Shah Al-Amin for GardenStateHipHop



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