The Space Program is a traveling insertion concept by Foreign Policy Design Group. The project is about re-defining and re-engaging the interaction between the visitors and a space where a new level of experience is activated.

Intended as part museum, part retail store and part installation, it features a curated mix of objects where design, intellect and contemporary culture meet. Globally expandable as a concept, the goal is to embed the Space Program within different cities around the world, such that each new insertion introduces a renewed appreciation of the space.

For this New Majestic Hotel insertion, we have explored contextual elements and worked along the lines of bringing design, intellect and contemporary culture of Singapore to the hotel visitors. The selection of products and art pieces form the fabric of the three principles.

The primary building block of this installation is the washboard - which is iconic of the grit and hard work of Singapore founding fathers. It is made up of more than 200 pieces of overlapping washboards featuring a 2meter high structure and a series of low structures, multi-functioning as display units.

Interested in bringing The Space Program to your city?

A Project by Foreign Policy Design Group

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