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Every major social problem that plagues our nation today can be traced back to one root cause: Fatherlessness.

From small town American to the heart of New York City, 'Becoming Sons & Daughters' tells the stories of people who are stepping into the lives of fatherless kids. Through adoption, mentoring, and simply paying attention, these men and women are planting hope and security. They are giving kids a future and helping them become sons and daughters.

Director/Producer/DP/Editor: MD Neely
Writer/Producer: Eric Epperson
Writer: Kaylann Badgley
Composers: Zach LaLiberte, Roger Hooper, Luke Atencio
Animation: Ryan Scott
Location Audio: Lance Lundstrom, Lucien Dowdell, Ted Topi, Terry Ohmart
Color Grade: Allan Stallard
Post Audio: Defacto Sound

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