FM4 Paso Libre
Mexico 2010
Direction and production Fernando Valencia y Mario Nájera
Duration: 20 minutes


Today migration is viewed as a complex, global phenomenon that is of great importance. According to the United Nations, in the first five years of this century 200 million people lived outside of their homeland for reasons related to work. In Mexico this migratory process exhibits a great intensity because it is a country of expulsion, transit, reception and internal mobility of migrants.

The end of the civil wars, economic crises, poverty, social inequalities and natural disasters are some of the reasons that Central American emigration has grown to a considerable degree, turning Mexico's territory into a border of more than 4,000 kilometers.

In their path towards the United States, migrants travel by different routes; one of the most common means of travel is by freight train. Guadalajara is part of the western route of the country.

When they arrive in the city, they have already traveled approximately between 15 and twenty days; commonly they are hungry, cold, thirsty, tired, without a change of clothes and fearful of the risks inherent in the journey.

FM4 Paso Libre arose as a non-profit organization made up of an interdisciplinary group of committed volunteers who, having worked closely with the migration phenomenon in different parts of the Republic of Mexico and possessing an awareness of its reality, have decided to undertake a comprehensive intervention project to aid undocumented migrants passing through the metropolitan area of Guadalajara.

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