Tough Bond is a feature length documentary film about our irrepressible need as humans for family- no matter how tough it may be. We follow 4 kids who find family and a new identity as "Survivors", living together on the streets of Kenya, huffing glue to endure the hell of street life.

Directors: Austin Peck & Anneliese Vandenberg
Cinematography: Austin Peck & Anneliese Vandenberg
Production Sound: Erik Lohr
Edit: Sam Citron, Austin Peck & Anneliese Vandenberg
Original Score: The Very Best & Seye
Executive Producers: Brian Hodges, Sam Citron
Produced: Village Beat
Associate Producer: Sol Guy
Kenya Production: Marianne Romeo, Robert Ocholar, Julius Lemuya, Musyoka Mutilya

Sinbad (Isiolo, Kenya)
Lucy Muthee (Isiolo, Kenya)
Peter Muriera (Meru, Kenya)
Akai (Meru, Kenya)
Anto (Nairobi, Kenya)
Mohammed Karim (Mombasa, Kenya)
Vice President, Kalonzo Musyoka (Nairobi, Kenya)
Prime Minister, Raila Odinga (Nairobi, Kenya)
Francis and Yuseph Lodwar (Yomo Village, Lake Turkana, Kenya).

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