Couple a days ago I started working on a MaxMSP+Jitter patch that allowed me to create a classic Rutt Etra vector rescanned video on analog oscilloscope using only laptop and a multichannel soundcard ( )

Soon, I realised how perfect it would be to add Kinect to it.

Few hours later I got what you see here. This is only a brief demontration of the basic functionality. Kinect is used as a hand held camera operated by adorable Miss Adriatica. At 1:00 I'm picking up a MIDI controller to modulate some parameters.

Raster resolution is low due to limitations of hardware I'm using - soundcards have much lower bandwidth than dedicated video equipment that's normally used for vector rescanning (google Dave Jones and LZX industries).

Music is something I did in 1993. and was recently rescued from audio cassette.

P.S. If some of you wonder why my hand is in strange position, it's because I broke it two weeks ago ;)

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