I had a tiny bit of free time recently so I thought I'd make a bunch of zoetropes in After Effects as a quick experiment. Each animating ring is made up of 16 still frames spinning around a central null. It produced some interesting results. Might try it again in the future with a wider variety of 'tropes.

Zoetropes have this interesting feeling to them, as they're spinning so fast we can't see that we're actually just looking at a series of tiny moments. I guess that all animation is like that, but zoetropes can slow down, stop and show you the underlying form that creates the illusion. And maybe that's why I was drawn to the subject matter.

File this with last year's LoopdeLoop Opposites vid under "folksy cyclical things that are kind of downers". Sorry, everyone.

The music is the last few seconds of "Luminous Luminescence" by Anathallo, stretched out and played backwards. The spinning sound is a fishing reel being turned over and over again.

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