Ever since Star Trek we've dreamed of the tricorder device that could be our universal communication devices, our location beam, sophisticated environmental analyzer and to have the worlds information at our fingertips. Gene Rodenberry wasn't too far off, these devices were common in Star Trek in the year 2150. It's only 2009 and we've come very close.

This new generation of phones, particularly the iPhone would make Gene proud. It's now possible for anyone who is on location to take a picture as a plane crash on their mobile phone to upload the picture to the internet and to have that picture on the front page of major news websites and on-air programming in less than 3 minutes. That has amazing ramifications on society. Everyone is now a portable broadcasting station. Web 2.0 gave us to tools to participate but it was tedious and required that you be in front of a computer. This wave of smart connected phones brings the power of participation and makes it real-time. Participating in a Social Network while in the basement of your house isn't really very social. If you take that power of connectedness and bring it with you you can be hyper social.

Remember when you had to make plans ahead of time to go see a movie? With just a few taps you can look up a movie that is playing in a 10 mile radius of my location, pick a show time and send and invite to your friends. You could purchase tickets for my group if they reply they are coming. During the movie you can rate the sections of the movie you like and when you get home you can have a personal trailer made tailored especially for you.

Roberto Monge spoke at Softec about his not so futuristic vision of how the iPhone generation phones are changing the media, games and social networks. Roberto is President of DropIn Development, Inc. He's currently acting as Chief Architect for LoveCinema. He's also building and designing iPhone application for the LoveCinema social network. His previous clients include CNN where he help build out iReport.com and Turner Broadcasting where he helped build GameTap.com.

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