My university asked us to make a 10min film for our final project, manage to make the film on: £98.35

Misread is a fantasy family short using stop motion paper characters in a live action setting. This is the heart-warming story of how Jet finds himself filed into the storage of a media production building left to be forgotten. Setting off to journey to the Boss's desk on the 4th floor, he meets three friends and other strange characters to get that all important chance to hit the big screen - before its too late.

To watch the prequel to this film visit:

Jet Laser - Michael Gartlan
Calligraphy (Calli) - Reed Thomas-Litman
Brian - Mike Tyson
Golden 1 - Reed Thomas-Litman
Golden 2 - Joana Sena
Golden 3 - Christopher Sherwood

Director - Reed Thomas-Litman
Script - Rob Phillips
Story - Reed Thomas-Litman
Production Manager - Joana Sena
Production Assistant - Madeleine Nurrish
Camera/Lighting - Tim Attenburrow/Reed Thomas-Litman
Post Sound - Alex Winch/David Watts
Editor - Reed Thomas-Litman
Colour Correction - River Bevis
Composer - Roberto De Spirito

With Thanks To
The Museum of Electricity, Dorset
Claudio Acuña J
Bernie from Locators
Flynn Thomas-Litman
Sue Cummins
Ruth Evans
Thomas Jewson

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