With this public art projection that incorporates new technology and media, I am imagining Manhattan as it may have been, a fluid link to the rivers on either side of the island. For the fall of 2013, floods of water with fish, sometimes frenzied, weaving in and out, this public art projection will transform the sidewalk into several feet of flowing water.
According to records at the New York Historical Society, like Canal Street, 14th Street may have been a waterway that emptied out into the East River as well as an artery that connected with the Hudson River.
Extracting and projecting a phantom river of what may have traveled beneath the streets., the visceral presence of this work on the ground will be at once sensational and informational.
Given the enormity of what has happened with Hurricane Sandy, this work can be a "vehicle" to promote awareness of a crisis that will be affecting many urban waterfront cities throughout the world.

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