Motivated by the upcoming anniversary of our sister, Fior Cruz, Gagá pa'l Pueblo and Willian Aleman invite you to watch online, "Fior Cruz. Her Legacy and the Dominican Identity", a four part documentary covering her life and the Dominican Identity in NYC.

Fior Cruz. Her Legacy and the Dominican Identity", is a four part documentary. It tells the story of Fior, a Dominican immigrant woman who spent most of her life in New York City, challenging her own family and culture, and taking an afro-centric identity against the Dominican standard of beauty and the traditional role of women in her society.

Evidences of her wild and contradictory character are portrayed in the documentary through her work and interviews with leaders in the Dominican and Afro-America communities where she participated as an activist bringing people together.

Many of the roles she played in the different parts of her community and her integration in the Afro-American culture, made her appear unrecognizable to some of her own peers at the extreme of one culture or the other. She was a woman with few possessions, who decided to live her life on her own terms. The needs, desires and transformation at the end of her life serve as a tremendous example of what life is for those with no conventional power in this society but are committed to the search of their own self-realization.

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