In 2011 Centric Productions was chosen to create a variety of interactive videos for the Assiniboine Park Zoo's International Polar Bear Conservation Centre.

In total we produced 30 different videos, in both English and French which feature a variety of stories and information about polar bears and climate change.

There are six stations featuring profiles of various organizations and individuals involved in polar bear conservation, called "People for Polar Bears." Four "You Asked It" stations, each featuring four different questions about polar bears and climate change asked by students aged 6-18, and answered by Zoo staff. Two videos about the IPBCC and why polar bear conservation is so important. And (one of our favourites) a traditional cell-style 2D animation explaining what global warming and climate change is all about (also one of the most challenging to create).

In addition to directing, writing, producing, shooting, and editing all of the videos, Centric also handled the interface design and programming of each station, as well as providing consultation to the exhibit designers on hardware selection and integration. The goal was to create a very cohesive and integrated look across each of the stations.

In all the project took nearly a year to put together and will be a project we won't soon forget! Big thanks to everyone who was involved in this project - the interview subjects, students, teachers, production crew, exhibit designers, installers, builders, hardware supplier - and of course, the folks at the Assiniboine Park Zoo!

This video captures a tiny slice of the work we did on the exhibit - there's so much to see it's hard to put it all in to one video.

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