I was asked to help put together a music video for an 8th grade Geometry school project, this is the result.

Download MP3: hu.lk/x7j9xfs8an8f

This might be a little bit random
but I'm so young and I'm handsome
if you agree please put your hands up
life's a test & they all want my answers
sing along to my songs like an anthem
side-angle-side congruence post
if 2 sides & the included angle
of 1 triangle are congruent to
2 sides and the angle included of
the 2nd triangle then the 2 triangles are congruent
1 + 1 that equals two cool
first rule to success... Go to school!
don't be lame like a manikin
smartest chick in the game I hand it to her
Bao Le & Jennifer, you know that.

Special Thanks To:
Elizabeth Le, Jozielyn Balceta & David Vuong as extra cameos.
Henlie Mae Santos for directing the video.
Most importantly the delightful star of the show Jennifer Vuong.

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