I consider myself an intermedia artist, composer and musician. This showreel briefly documents a series of selected sonic art installations.

Fascinated by the sense that the world is deeply interconnected on a physical level by acoustics, my work investigates the acoustic nature of everyday environments and objects, and ways in which they can be manipulated to appreciate their sonic materiality and musical qualities. Interactivity and audience involvement aim to coerce the audience into a listening mode and a multi-sensory engagement with sound. Elements of the surreal and absurd are evoked by locating an instinctive human interest in sound and music intervened in everyday and unusual environments; psychological games and push-pull scenarios are established, where playful reactions to sound apparatus are set against anxious and fearful ones. Informed by themes including Cage's theories on (the absence of) silence and Yukio Fujimoto's concept of the listening apparatus, varyingly the work utilises live sound synthesis, capture and recording technology, computers, sensors, found materials and ambient acoustics integral to the space in which the works are situated to create powerful evocations of human sensorial curiosity.

I am exhibiting in three upcoming shows:

Degree Show @ University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, UK, 8-15th June 2012

Puncture @ Vyner Street Gallery, London, 26-30th June 2012

Milk Money @ The Gallery in Redchurch Street, London, 17th-22nd July 2012

For more info visit benmobbs.com

Follow me @BenMobbs

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