Ellipses, 2010

Full video, images, and information here: anti-utopias.com/sabine-schrunder-ellipses/

Ellipses [greek: élleipsis, "omission"]

Between symbolic spaces, places and references, the ellipses (the gaps, the missing in the middle of something) become a speculative empty space, an interpretation different aspects of social realities. Thematic fields which are processed are control, being controlled, isolation, aimless wandering around through a world, which seems to get more and more structured, but which produces socially and emotionally defects.

Wealth, consumption and supply data suggest abundance and prosperity go hand in hand with an inner emptiness, isolation and loneliness. Thus the creation of digital identities on the new social platforms. Through precast options of personal categorization, comments, preferences, etc. a "pall" of a person is outlined, which is created solely by economic interests.

The gaps and omissions both in and outside of the images form a link, symbolizing as they do a social system in which the boundaries between the private and the public are gradually becoming more and more fuzzy, the channels increasingly hidden and the platforms vague, while the conventional term that describes the individual and the person is dissolving with time.

© Sabine Schründer. Used here by kind permission from the artist. All rights reserved.

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